Friday, December 4, 2009

Fight Development at Wolf Creek!

It's been a while...

WilderPress, as a print publication, as a project on hold. With an editorial collective totaling two, we embarked upon a project we were perhaps not prepared for in experience, time, and resources. For this, we apologize, and we hereby vow to take the project back up when we are able. We thank everyone for their contributions and assistance. If you are interested in helping this project get back off the ground, please contact us.

We post today to alert you of new developments in the struggle to protect Wolf Creek from development.

The Durango chapter of High Country Earth First! (Colorado) is calling upon ecodefenders to contact officials and rally at the December 8th and 10th meetings in Pagosa Springs to oppose the Village at Wolf Creek and the legislative land exchange.

More information:

12/8 Rally at Archuleta County Court House: Oppose Legislative Land Exchange at Wolf Creek!
12/10 Rally at Pagosa Springs Town Hall: Oppose Legislative Land Exchange at Wolf Creek!

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  1. The Archuleta BOCC is tentatively scheduled to vote on whether to support the Legislative Land Exchange at Wolf Creek on Tuesday, December 15th at 1:30pm at the County Court House BOCC public meeting.