Thursday, August 12, 2010

Earth First! Southwest Bio-Regional Rendezvous & Organizers Conference

For over a decade, radical environmentalism has been at best a near invisible force in the “resource rich” Southwest. But due to the continued overt destruction of our Earth through energy extraction, deforestation, and enumerable ecocidal activities, radicalism and resistance is stirring again. It’s time to organize, not compromise. It’s time to defend, not submit. It’s time to fight, to resist, to educate, to monkeywrench, to act directly against the destruction of our land bases and bio-regions. The Earth must come first.

The 2010 Southwest Bio-Regional Earth First! Rendezvous and Organizers’ Conference will be taking place August 20-22 in the beautiful San Luis Valley of Colorado. The rendezvous site is near the town of Saguache, in the Rio Grande National Forest. Exact site location and directions will be released some time in early August.

We’re seeking teachers and trainers to help facilitate workshops in direct action, civil disobedience, forest defense, eco-defense, and more. We are also seeking medics and folks skilled in conflict resolution to be present and available.

We must build the skill sets and face to face relationships of trust and affinity necessary to effectively defend our bio-regions and land bases.

The size and organization of this event will in many ways reflect our current state as a force to be reckoned with in the Southwest, which is to say that this will be a small gathering with less structure and organization than other rendezvous in bio-regions where the EF! presence is more established and experienced.

Though an informal communal kitchen will be formed, please come prepared for self-sufficiency and inclement weather. Water for filtration or other purification is available on site.

We’re encouraging folks to show up a bit early to get settled in and stay a bit longer at the end to help with clean-up.

Contact for more info or to get involved.

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