Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Climate Movement is Dead: Long Live the Climate Movement

Rising Tide North America is pleased to announce the release of our latest publication: The Climate Movement is Dead: Long Live the Climate Movement

Download at: http://www.risingtidenorthamerica.org

In the aftermath of the COP15 talks in Copenhagen, the inability of the Big Greens, governments, and market approaches to find genuine and sustainable solutions to climate change is undeniable. As author Naomi Klein so aptly observed at the end of COP15 talks, “A particular model of dealing with climate change is dying.”

In the same uncompromising spirit as Rising Tide publications such as Deal or No Deal, and Hoodwinked in the Hothouse, CMID:LLCM delivers a timely critique of the failures of this “particular model” as exemplified by the mainstream NGOs who have grown all too cozy with corporations and the political establishment. It explores the ways in which “green” capitalism,electoral politics, and market mechanisms, far from solving the climate crisis, are some of the climate movement’s biggest obstacles.

Not content with mere polemic, CMID:LLCM charts a course that diverges from the dominant discourse of the mainstream climate movement. The essay lays out a strategy of supporting and escalating frontline struggles againstdirty energy while building a new global climate movement from the ground up, based around core principles of climate justice, grassroots power, solidarity, and direct action.

The Climate Movement Is Dead: Long Live the Climate Movement is a must-read for anyone left disenchanted by the mainstream climate movement, and all who are ready to step it up and fight for climate justice.

You can download a digital copy to view online or print yourself at:

Or send us an email to contact (at) risingtidenorthamerica (dot) org with your name, address, and how many copies you would like to receive. We are happy to provide this publication for free but as an all volunteer collective we greatly appreciate donations. Also consider joining in our print run collaboration:


Rising Tide North America is excited to announce a “Print-Run Collaboration” project for CMID:LLCM. Local groups and allies can help us raise the funds necessary for an initial print-run of several thousand copies, and in return, receive a big stack “hot-off-the-presses” at approximately the cost of printing (cheaper than photocopies!).

contact (at) risingtidenorthamerica (dot) org

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Earth First! Journal Needs Your Help To Stay in Print

For almost thirty years the Earth First! Journal has been the voice of the radical environmental movement. For those thirty years the Journal has remained independent by not compromising its values for large grants or foundation money. 

Our support comes from grassroots activists and supports from the frontlines in the battle to save what's left of our wild places. While we are often broke and in need of funds, the situation today is more dire then ever before.

The issue of the Journal that we are working on now is struggling to come up with funds to print, and unless people like you step-up and give whatever they can it may not happen. Our print date is less then two weeks away and we are completely out of funds. Zero--zip--zilch.

A break down of our finances goes something like this. We need $1250 to print the next issue. We need $500 to mail out subscriptions (many for free to our comrades behind bars). We need $1000 dollars for rent and utilities for the office (that's due at the end of the month). Lastly, we would like to pay our editorial collective that works full-time putting together the Journal. For payroll we would ideally need $1500 (for five people). Many in the collective have not yet been paid for last month either.

This is a daunting challenge for us, and for our movement. Without generous donations from people like you, the Earth First! Journal may cease to exist altogether.

There are many ways you can help the Journal. First and foremost, donations are desperately needed and can be made on our website via Pay-Pal or by snail-mail. Secondly, if you are not a subscriber, subscribe. Our website also has lots of cool patches, t-shirts, zines and books, stickers, and other cool trinkets that you can purchase that goes directly to supporting our efforts. You can also host a benefit event in your community, or table with EF! merchandise and Journals, just get in touch with us for more info and ideas. Thanks in advance for stepping up to help the Earth First! Journal.

See You In The Trees,

The Earth First! Journal Collective

Earth First! Journal
Po Box 3023
Tucson, AZ 85702
(520) 620-5635

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wild Roots Feral Futures 2010

The 2010 Wild Roots Feral Futures will take place for a seven-day duration, a quarter moon cycle, from June 19th-26th (from the First Quarter Moon on the 19th through the Summer Solstice on the the 21st to the Full Moon on the 26th) in the foothills of the mighty and wild San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado.

We are looking for folks of all sorts to join us and help facilitate workshops, conflict resolution and management, direct action and medic trainings, wild food walks, and much more! We will be focusing on many things, including but by no means limited to anarchist theory and praxis, rewilding, ancestral skills, indigenous solidarity, direct action, forest defense, security culture, civil disobedience, hand to hand combat, survival skills, evasion tactics, green anarchism, anti-civ, post-civ, star watching and navigation, maps and orienteering, shelter building, and whatever YOU care to bring and provide. But we need everyone's help to make this as safe, positive, and productive a space as it can be. Our own knowledge, skills, and capacities are limited. We need YOUR help!

Roles we REALLY need filled:

• Kitchen! (we've reached out to Everybody's Kitchen and Seeds of Peace)
• CRAM team (conflict resolution and management: we need people of diverse gender/sexual orientations who know how to give support to survivors of sexual assault and to people with PTSD)*
• Medics! (especially WFRs, WEMTs, & EMTs of diverse gender/sexual orientations)
• Child care! (We will have a kids space and support parents in participating in communal child care)

*There is a need for both womyn (cis and trans), queers, and trans folk on both the CRAM and Medic teams because many people in our communities aren't going to trust men, cis people, or heteros with their health or to help with conflicts. We do not expect womyn (cis and trans), queers, and trans folk to do the support work, but seek to create and maintain a safe and welcoming space that allows for plenty of room for it.

We at the Wild Roots Feral Futures organizers collective feel that white dominated spaces & racism within our communities are a significant problem, & feel the need to confront that. Due to the legacy of racism within our communities of resistance we will be holding workshops on white privilege, settler privilege, & cultural appropriation.

We also feel that cis-hetero, male dominated spaces and hetropatriarchy within our communities are equally problematic, and will also be holding workshops on patriarchy and (anti)sexism.

We would like to put out a request for workshops on white privilege, hetero privilege, cis privilege, and male privilege. We recognize that it's not the job of those of us oppressed by white supremacy and heteropatriarchy to facilitate those workshops. We don't expect oppressed people to attend, but you are welcome to. While it is not the responsibility or duty of queers, POC (People of Color), and other oppressed and marginalized people to assist white, cis-hetero, and privileged people unpack, deconstruct, and confront their own privilege, these processes will be open to all.

We intend to create clinic space with some privacy provided for patient care so that the bodies of trans people (and also cis womyn) aren't on display during vulnerable moments. We will also be implementing a safe(r) space policy to keep perpetrators of sexual/physical assault out of our community and support survivors by respecting any processes of accountability they initiate.

Womyn (cis and trans), queers, and trans folk have full support of the Wild Roots Feral Futures organizers collective to establish safer spaces for themselves, including spaces that are only for people who are oppressed by sexism, people who are queer, and people who are trans. We recognize the need for those spaces because no matter how much we work on our privilege, as recovering hetropatriarchists still in the process of mental and psychological decolonization and recovery, we're still going to be bringing heteropatriarchy into the space (hopefully unconsciously and unintentionally, which does little to change its effects).

We also intend to create family/child friendly space that includes multigenerational workshops and activities appropriate (and fun!) for kids.