Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tucson Environmental Radicals Target Homes, Cars

Tucson vandals claiming to act in the name of animal rights and the environment have begun targeting the homes and cars of earth destroyers and animal exploiters.

In two separate incidents on Feb. 19, a researcher at the University of Arizona had her water valve cemented shut, and an employee of a mining company had her tires flattened and her windows etched with hateful sayings.

A group called Tucson Hooligans Attack at Night, Duh – or, Tucson H.A.A.N.D. – claimed responsibility for the acts in a news release on an independent media Web site. No phone number for the group was listed.

The post said the group cemented the water meter of researcher Katalin Gothard because of her research with monkeys, and that Kathy Arnold’s car tire was slashed and her window etched because of her job with Augusta Resources Rosemont Copper Project. Augusta wants to open a 1.2-square-mile open-pit copper mine in the Santa Rita Mountains.

The group also claimed responsibility for a Jan. 15 incident in which expletive-laced slogans were etched on the windows and garage doors of the home of Si Schorr, a Tucson attorney and former chairman of the Arizona Transportation Board. The group said he was targeted for his support of an Interstate 10 bypass route that environmentalists say would damage valuable habitat.

The incidents were confirmed by police.


In its news release, Tucson H.A.A.N.D. dedicated its most recent actions to four animal-rights activists recently arrested by the FBI for alleged attacks on animal researchers at the University of California. The four are being charged with using “force, violence, or threats to interfere with the operation of the University of California in violation of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act,” according to a San Francisco FBI news release.

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The original Indymedia post: Tucson H.A.A.N.D. Attacks Vivsectors’ home and Mining Scumbag

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