Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Earth Warrior

by Dee Allen, WilderPress! Issue #1

Our eternal parent
Bore countless offspring
And in her most agonised moments,
She summoned only one.
Proud son of the Pascua Yaqui nation
Answered the call.
Cries for help felt throughout his bones & sinew
Like sudden tremors. Time to act.
Honourbound in defence of the mother of all,
Every whale was spared of the fisher’s net & harpoon.
Every whaling ship sank into the deep cold blue.
Every old-growth forest did not suffer slashing & burning.
Every cage became an open cage.
Every trap became a damaged trap.
Every chief executive & their company underlings
Shamed for their crimes.
The animal nations & nature live much longer
Because of the Earth Warrior
Galvanizing two movements that are but a
Continuation of an old indigenous struggle.
Proud son of the Pascua Yaqui nation
Answered the call long ago.
Man-spirit and world-spirit are one.
He rescued countless lives from captivity
But who will rise to save the Earth Warrior
From the cage surrounding him?
Even warriors need heroes.

W: 10.22.08 [For Michael Sykes.]

(Although to our knowledge currently free, this was one of the best pictures of Dee we could find!)

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