Friday, April 17, 2009

Call for Direct Action Camp at 'Feral Futures' Gathering in Colorado

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‘Feral Futures’ is a free, informal, and loosely structured anarcho-primitivist/anti-civ gathering taking place in Southwest Colorado from the New Moon at the end of May (around the 24th) to the Full Moon at the beginning of June (around the 6th or 7th). Dates are approximate. Folks are free to come and go as they please. The site is at a sacred hot springs along a wild river in National Forest bordered by Wilderness Area.

We would like to provide space at ‘Feral Futures,’ closer to the parking, for a direct action camp encompassing things that are not necessarily within the traditional framework of “primitivism” and/or “rewilding,” but can nonetheless be utilized in an anti-civ praxis, if folks are interested in facilitating such workshops. We are also hoping the Earth First! Road Show will be stopping by!

Right now we are seeking folks who would like to facilitate workshops and skills shares either deeper in the woods at the anarcho-primitivist part of the gathering or closer to the parking in the action camp part of the gathering. We are seeking folks who can facilitate trainings in rewilding, survival, and earth skills, as well as folks who can facilitate direct action trainings, civil disobedience workshops, know your rights trainings, anti-oppression trainings, etc.

If you are interested, and for site directions, contact

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